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About Jalivia Northern

PHOTOGRAPHY is my passion, my pleasure, and my privilege. We first met, photography and I, a long time ago back in the days when I would quietly steal away with the family camera and take photos of anything that excited me. After my Mom developed the film and discovered my adventures, she knew I had found a love for Photography that would last a lifetime.

My name is Jalivia Northern. Jalivia is pronounced "Ja - li - vee - a". It sounds like Olivia but begins with a "Ja" which has a very special meaning. In 1974 "I Honestly Love You" was Olivia Newtown John's first number 1 single in the US. When I was born my parents named me after her because they believed the song truly expressed how they felt about my arrival and the love they had for each other. Olivia is a great name but all the other names in my family began with the letter "J" so my parents had to be creative. I had to be Jalivia!!! The "Northern" part came along about 15 years ago when I married the love of my life. We were married on TLC's groundbreaking Television show "A Wedding Story". Getting married has been my best decision to date. We have three beautiful and clever children. Our daughter is 13, our 1st son is 11, and our bonus baby is almost 2 they have been in front of my camera lens all their lives.

That brings me to my life today and because of all the people who have encouraged me to persue my dreams "I can honestly say I LOVE my job". Each day I think of freezing time by creating moments that others will cherish forever.

Northern Lights Photography

by Jalivia Northern